Welltower® delivers the health care infrastructure necessary to facilitate better treatment at lower costs and keep patients out of the hospital. Our business is centered on a relationship-based investing platform. We provide real estate capital to leading seniors housing operators, post-acute care providers and health systems. Through our capital, these companies are able to grow, innovate and ultimately provide better care.

Welltower has become known for its unparalleled relationship network and premier-quality health care real estate portfolio. Owning the finest assets and working with the best health care providers is simple in concept, but demanding in execution. Over more than 40 years of exclusively investing in health care, Welltower has built unique capabilities and the industry’s best team.

Leader in Health Care Infrastructure


Seniors Housing

Welltower was one of the first companies of its kind to invest in seniors housing, which includes independent living, assisted living and memory care communities. Seniors housing is redefining the concept of home for the elderly. These centers of wellness provide assistance with activities of daily living that preserve a person’s mobility and social systems to promote cognitive engagement.


Post-Acute Care

Post-acute care is at the leading edge of reducing health care costs while improving quality. These high-impact rehabilitation centers are specialized in helping patients recover from illness or surgery with goals of getting the patient home and healed faster and reducing hospital readmission rates.


Outpatient Medical

Outpatient medical solutions are growing due to the number of procedures that can be performed outside of hospitals. State-of-the-art outpatient centers are being built in accessible settings that are more consumer friendly. Our portfolio of medical office buildings is an integral part of creating health care provider connectivity in local markets.

Medical Office Information