Corporate Giving & Volunteerism

Welltower™ maintains a very active presence in the communities where we live and work. At our headquarters in Toledo, Ohio, our giving is focused on the arts, education and health care.

Over the past five years, Welltower and its employees have generously contributed millions of dollars to various programs and countless volunteer hours serving local organizations and charitable causes.

Welltower supported more than 
charitable organizations in 2015.

We believe that improving society’s existing value system regarding the elderly and their care will positively transform the quality of life of an aging population. From the people, resources and organizations who provide planning, services and care for the elderly to influential thought leaders and policy makers, to those directly affected by aging, society simply doesn’t know where to turn when suddenly faced with the realities of aging or caring for them. The Welltower Foundation is dedicated to answering this and related challenges.